TWHBEA #972682 Foaled: 03/17/1997
(Major Merger x Command’s Fancy Lady)
Gender:  mare Height:  15:3 hands
Color:  sorrel Markings: star, snip.

Fancy is a beautiful, naturally gaited Tennessee Walking horse. She is a beautiful liver chestnut with all the right moves and conformation to pass on to some future outstanding flat-shod show or trail horses.  A beautiful sorrel filly with flaxen mane and tail, out of our stallion Final’s Goldwell, was born 06/27/08. 

An examination of A Fancy Merger's Extended Pedigree reveals that the amount of genetic input from Midnight Sun is greater than that of a grandsire, in fact, nearly that of a direct sire, and that the degrees of Roan Allen F-38, Wilson's Allen and Pride Of Midnight HF are greater than that of grandsires. Sun's Delight D. and Hunter's Allen F-10 contribute the equivalent of great grandsires.  The percentages of old walking bloodlines are as follows:

43.75 % Midnight Sun
37.5 % Pride Of Midnight HF
27.44 % Roan Allen
27.34 % Wilson's Allen
12.5 % Sun's Delight D.
10.35 % Hunter's Allen F-10
5.47 % Merry Boy
1.17 % Giovanni

Major Merger

Prides Generator Pride of Midnight HF Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
HF Spirits Nell Spirit Of Midnight
Nell's Last Lady
Delight's Joanna Sun's Delight D. Midnight Sun
Wilson Snip's Chance
Duke's Flight Duke Of Midnight
Flight's Sally
A FANCY MERGER - #972682

Command's Fancy Lady 

A Comand Performance Pride of Midnight HF Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
Sun's Butterfly Midnight Sun
Midnight Lou A.
Prides Fancy Stroke Pride of Midnight HF Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
Stroke Of Midnight "P" Midnight Sun
Ladies Meloney