This page is dedicated to articles about horses, and horse care, and stories about special horses and horse adventures. Naturally, we are particularly interested in Tennessee Walking Horse material.

Scot and Lynn MacGregor of MacGregor Stables have some very nice articles that they have written and published in various journals and online.  They have given me permission to put some of them on our website. The articles by Lynn MacGregor are “How to’s.  She has won many, many ribbons showing weanlings and in-hand.  Other articles are presented courtesy of

1. Form to Function  by Scot MacGregor
2. How Important Was The Horse  by Scot MacGregor
3. Landmarks for Evaluating, Trimming, and Shoeing the Equine Foot by Christy West
4. Weanlings and the Show Ring by Lynn MacGregor
5. Model and In-hand in the Show Ring  by Lynn MacGregor
6. Both Sides Claim Victory in Walking Horse Registry Dispute by Pat Raia