Insipired By Art

TWHBEA #20413870 Foaled: 5/12/2004
(Pusher’s Fine Art x Cherries Jubilee)
Gender: stallion Height: 17 hands
Color: black Markings: few hairs in forehead.
Inspired by Art aka Miguel came to Blue Haven Farms in August of 2005. He was just a yearling and already approaching 16 hands. I had a show mare, and still own her, named Coin’s Twilight Zone. I was searching for the stallion counterpart to this fabulous mare.

Photos by Barb Daicoff and Bob Langrish
Miguel was it and he has surpassed my expectations with just a few months of training. His bloodlines are impeccable and have many champions on the sire and dam’s side.

Inspired by Art, my Miguel, now stands 17 hands. He is sound, natural and an exceptionally talented horse. He has become part of “The Dream”.

Photo by Bob Langrish

Miguel has outstanding conformation, with a beautiful neck and head. He has an unbelievable back, end with tremendous over-stride, and an equally impressive front end.

17 hands. Shipped semen available.

This young stallion is the complete package. He has a very sweet disposition and is very smart. We have decided to keep him home and breed future flat-shod champions whether in the show ring or on the trail.

Inspired By Art - 2008 Tarheel Classic Reserve Grand Champion Plantation Pleasure 3 Gait Class.
I’ve just returned from North Carolina where Miguel won the 2008 Tarheel Classic Reserve Grand Champion Plantation Pleasure 3 Gait Class. He was awesome. He blew me away. I know he is talented but I just didn’t expect to see the level he was at last night. --- Barb

Live Foal Guarantee
Mare must have:
Negative Current Coggins & Health Certificate