About Us

Blue Haven Farm’s goal is to breed sound, natural Tennessee Walking Horses with an emphasis on disposition and color. Our stallions are sound, natural, calm and colorful! And our mares, who have some of the finest old-time bloodlines, have been chosen to compliment the stallions’ conformation. If we do our job right the foals should be “better” than either parent.

All breeding is done by AI. This prevents the chance of infection and is safer for the horses and personnel. And we personally believe that AI increases the mares chance of “settling”.

Our mares are foaled in our large foaling stalls with 24 hour video surveillance and breeding alarms. No foals arrive without someone in attendance. Foals are imprinted at birth and if weather permitting are allowed outside within 12-24 hours but may be brought in at night.

We are proud of the offspring that have been born here as well as those born at customer’s farms.

Foaling services are available and we are happy to share the experience with their owners.

Please contact us for further information regarding our stallions, breeding and foaling services or sales.