Contract Horses

This agreement entered into on the ______day of ________________, 2011
between Blue Haven Farms, hereinafter BHF,
and the undersigned mare owner (Owner),
for the stallion service of ___________________________ (TWH reg. __________)
under the following terms and conditions:
1. Owner shall pay to BHF a booking fee of $100 to reserve the right to breed mare with the stallion for the 2011 breeding season. This fee will be deducted from the stallion service fee.
2. Owner shall pay to BHF a stallion service fee of $650 - $100 (booking fee) on or before the time of service;
3. BHF reserves the right to refuse service to any mare which appears to be diseased or which is unfit for breeding, in the opinion of the stallion owner.
a. Mare shall have current Coggins test and health certificate with all vaccinations up-to-date including West Niles.
b. BHF may require an examination or culture from a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the “Owner”.
4. Board is $12.00 a day. $14.00 a day with foal.
5. Board bills, veterinarian bills, and any other necessary expenses are not part of the service fee and shall be paid by the “Owner” at the date the mare is picked up.
6. “Owner” agrees to hold BHF harmless from any claim resulting from accidental injury or death of aforestated mare (and foal).
BHF agrees to hold “Owner” harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury by aforestated mare (and foal).

“Owner” agrees that should mare fail to conceive by the end of the current breeding season, 2011, BHF will allow free return privileges to _________________________ during the next breeding season, 2012, if BHF is notified in writing by a licensed veterinarian.

This contract contains a live foal guarantee. A live foal is considered to be a newborn foal that stands and nurses, and lives for 3 days. BHF will provide a return stallion service provided that a licensed veterinarian submits a statement of occurrence within 5 days.

Blue Haven Farms/owner: ___________________________________________

Mare Reg. Name: __________________________________ Reg. #___________

Past Pregnancy History: _____________________________________________


Mare Owners Name: ________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Day Phone: _________________Night Phone: ____________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Mare Owners Signature:______________________________________________

Make check payable to Barbara Blue Daicoff.