TWHBEA #860569 Foaled: 05/19/1986
(Pride's Genius x Christy's Star Lite)
Gender: mare Height: 15:2+ hands
Color:  sorrel Markings: star, mixed mane and tail.
Star has been a broodmare most of her life. She is a beautiful horse and is safe in foal to Final's Goldwell for an early 2009 Spring foal.  The foal should be amazing and one of the last of the old time walking horses.

An examination of Genius Star Lite's Extended Pedigree reveals that the amount of genetic input from Midnight Sun is greater than that of a grandsire, in fact, nearly that of a direct sire, and that the degrees of Roan Allen F-38, Wilson's Allen and Pride Of Midnight HF are equivalent to that of grandsires.  The percentages of old walking bloodlines are as follows:

40.75%   Midnight Sun
27.5%   Wilson's Allen
25%   Pride Of Midnight HF
22%   Roan Allen
12.53%   Hunter's Allen F-10
12.5%   Sun's Delight D.
3.13%   Merry Boy
2.34%   Giovanni

Click HERE for a 14 generation extended pedigree analysis.


Pride Of Midnight H.F. Midnight Sun Wilson's Allen
Ramsey's Rena
Pride Of Stanley Merry Maker
Patsy Delbridge
Delight's Joanna Sun's Delight D. Midnight Sun
Wilson Snip's Chance
Duke's Flight Duke Of Midnight
Flight's Sally

Star Lite

Suns Stormy Night Midnight Sun Wilson's Allen
Ramsey's Rena
Little Black Lady Jimmie O'Hare
Joe's Gi8rl
Flowers Black Lady Midnight Beau Midnight Sun
Snip's Chance
Flight's Sally Wilsons Flight Allen
Allen's Sally