TWHBEA #926660 Foaled: 10/10/1992
(Simply Gold x Pusher’s Delight Babe)
Gender:  mare Height:  15:2 hands
Color:  black Markings: none

Joanna is a beautiful, solid black, long-over-striding Tennessee Walking horse mare that was in foal to the late Major League when I purchased her. She has a very loose way of going and I loved her bloodline cross of Gold Coin and Pusher. She is a perfect match for any of my stallions.


Simply Gold

Prides Gold Coin Pride of Midnight HF Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
Delight's Joanna Sun's Delight D.
Duke's Flight
Delight's Dolly D. Sun's Delight D. Midnight Sun
Wilson Snip's Chance
Sun's Baby Doll Merry Boy Over
Judy's Star Glow

Delight Babe

The Pusher CG Drug Dealer Sun's Gunsmoke
Knight Lady
Go Boy's Blue Gal M. Go Boy's Flying Cloud
Meeks Blue Gal
Sundust & Shadow Go Boy's Sun Dust Merry Go Boy
Sun Dust Silhouette
Shadow's Ju Neve Go Boy's Shadow
Go Boy's Gray Girl