The Tennessee Walking Horse Stud Book is unique in that it descends from only 115 Foundation horses.  This makes it possible to trace a horse's pedigree right back to it's roots in a dozen generations, detailing the entire genetic makeup. Since 1945 and 1946, when Midnight Sun became the last horse to win the World Grand Championship without any mechanical assistance to his gait, and was crowned the 'Horse Of The Century', Tennessee Walking Horse breeders have evaluated their flatshod, naturally gaited breeding stock according to the percentage of Midnight Sun blood to be found in their pedigrees.  This criteria has been used to demonstrate the quality of the genetic contribution of Senator's Miss Ebony.  The analysis breaks down as follows:

15.625% Midnight Sun
27.73575% Roan Allen (23.8295% from other sources + 3.90625% from Midnight Sun)
14.8435% Wilson's Allen (7.031% from other sources + 7.8125% from Midnight Sun)
32.8125% Merry Boy
1.953125% Hunter's Allen F-10 (0% from other sources + 1.953125% from Midnight Sun)
3.125% Giovanni
50% Ebony Masterpiece